Motivational Monday – My Kids


MY KIDS. I only gave birth to 2 of these 9 kids but I love each of them so much. They motivate me to be the very best person and role model, I can be. I know I come short sometimes but they all show me grace.

Greg was my 1st born. You have a special place in my heart because we have went through so much together & are still standing strong together. Stan & Nene came next by marriage. We have had our challenges but I hope both of you know, I will have your backs until I take my last breath. Kierra Simone is my 1st born niece. This little lady is so beautiful inside and out. I cannot help to smile when I am around you. Angelia Marie, you are my babygirl, my quiet one. You may not say a lot but your beautiful spirit speaks volumes. Mr. James Ware, you are the kids cousin but you feel more like my son. It has been a honor to watch you grow and mature into the young man & soldier, you are today. Little Kori, you & I have had our battles with our personalities clashing but I wouldn’t change anything. I love the strong minded, not taking any nonsense young lady you have become. Lil’ Kobie, the youngest of my crew, watching how you take care of your sisters, especially you new baby sister, Magical, is a sight to behold. You are going to be the protector of the family when you get older. I cannot wait to see it. Last but not least, Gabby & Elizabeth, you 2 are my newest babies. You both are each unique and special in your own ways. I know you always have to deal with people calling you twins but know I see the wonderful individual in each of you.

I pray for each of these children like I gave birth to them. They motivate me to stay in prayer, for good situations and some times bad stuff, also. I am so blessed to have each of you in my life. I am grateful to the parents of the ones that I didn’t birth for trusting in me to be a good person to have in your children’s lives. I am throughly grateful and appreciative of having these beautiful souls in my life. Thank you, Jesus!!!


Magical, I don’t have a picture of you but one day I would love to become your Auntie, also.



Love Ya

Shelley Wesley