Morning Guilt

It has been said in every church I have ever attended, you have to wake up and give your 1st moments of the day to God.

I am guilty of not doing this all the time. It has become difficult these past couple of years. I have been dealing with flare ups from Fibromyalgia. I never know if I am going to wake up in pain or not. I have allowed my pain level to decide what my mood is going to be for the day. This practice has led me to thinking about my aches & pains, instead of praying & reading my Bible or devotionals.

This week I have started to be intentional with waking up and talking to God. BUT! I have to stop picking up my phone 1st & checking the time. Once I pick the phone up, I see my notifications & go check my emails and whatever else is staring at me. I know I am not the only one that does this…. Lol. I have to do better. I am a work in progress but at least I am on the right path, again.

I know from experience when I talk to God 1st and read & share the word, my day is just better all around. I have to stop being distracted by the world. I have to dig in deeper.

Love ya,

Shelley Wesley


The greatest influencer of this world is Jesus Christ and we are His children. How are we using our influence?

Are we using our influence to follow God’s word or to follow social media? Are we more concerned about creating our own followers or followers of Jesus?

So many questions…..

What are your answers?