My Silver Lining

In 2014 & 2015, I had quite a few apocalyptic dreams. I had dreams of a plane crashing down and destroying a church. I remember a dream about me driving with my family on Lavista Rd and huge fireballs were falling from the sky. The very worst dream was that we were being attacked and my children were at school. Greg was going to school in Chamblee and Angelia was going to school in Scottdale. In the dream, I had to choose who to pick up 1st. I could never pick. It was the worse dream ever. I would just stand in the dream and cry.

In this time of quarantine, God made sure my silver lining was clear. I didn’t have to choose between my kids. Both of them are still living with me and at home. It is a blessing!!! I know God is still in the midst during these crazy times. I just have to make sure I keep in close contact with Him and everything is going to be alright.




Author: myspiritualjourney

This is my journey to strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ & to discover the true purpose of my life. According to my Mother, I have always been a spiritual person. However, when I look back in my life, I didn’t follow God’s word. A few years ago, I had an eye opening experience that lead me on this path to grow closer to Jesus. During this time, I went through a traumatic divorce. I felt like I lost the respect of my son & daughter. I lost my career. I lost most of my materialistic, worldly items. BUT GOD! I didn’t lose Jesus. I actually found Him. I found the person that had always been there for me. In the past 5 years, I have been healed from so many things when I gave my life to Jesus. He blessed me with a husband I never thought I would deserve. My kids tell & show me that the love & respect me. I was giving the responsibility of helping raise 2 beautiful daughters. Plus, I was blessed in so many other ways, as well. In the midst of my blessings, I have been tested & attacked. These things have weakened & distracted me from my relationship with Christ. I have been backsliding in my relationship with God, almost to the point of being double minded. For 3 years I have heard that I must write. This confused me so much because I did/do not know what to write. So I put it off, I procrastinated, I just ignored what I heard from God. I would create FB pages & write what I believed He wanted me to write but it still didn’t feel like I was listening to God. This blog feels right. I have prayed about it. I have given it to God. So we will see what He allows me to share on this journey. Enjoy my journey with me!!!

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