God’s Light

I want to be God’s light but I like the Disney Villains more than I like the Princesses. I want to be God’s light but I like the Nightmare Before Christmas more than I like any Christmas movie. I want to be God’s light but I like fairies, elves, unicorns and all things magical. I want to be God’s light but I want my unicorn hair back. I want to be God’s light but I have addictions that I fight with daily. I am quirky and strange but I still want to be God’s light. I love God! I trust God! I know that He is real. He is my protector and the greatest supporter I have ever had in my life. Jesus has held me down and had my back, when I have been abandoned by people. I want to be obedient and listen to him. However I sit here and wonder how with all that I have going on in me and the fact that I am a true Little 5 Points girl in my heart and soul, how does He possible want me to counsel His people?

Love Ya

Shelley Wesley

Author: myspiritualjourney

This is my journey to strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ & to discover the true purpose of my life. According to my Mother, I have always been a spiritual person. However, when I look back in my life, I didn’t follow God’s word. A few years ago, I had an eye opening experience that lead me on this path to grow closer to Jesus. During this time, I went through a traumatic divorce. I felt like I lost the respect of my son & daughter. I lost my career. I lost most of my materialistic, worldly items. BUT GOD! I didn’t lose Jesus. I actually found Him. I found the person that had always been there for me. In the past 5 years, I have been healed from so many things when I gave my life to Jesus. He blessed me with a husband I never thought I would deserve. My kids tell & show me that the love & respect me. I was giving the responsibility of helping raise 2 beautiful daughters. Plus, I was blessed in so many other ways, as well. In the midst of my blessings, I have been tested & attacked. These things have weakened & distracted me from my relationship with Christ. I have been backsliding in my relationship with God, almost to the point of being double minded. For 3 years I have heard that I must write. This confused me so much because I did/do not know what to write. So I put it off, I procrastinated, I just ignored what I heard from God. I would create FB pages & write what I believed He wanted me to write but it still didn’t feel like I was listening to God. This blog feels right. I have prayed about it. I have given it to God. So we will see what He allows me to share on this journey. Enjoy my journey with me!!!

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